Sunday, March 4, 2007

I have a fascination with wheels.

The motorized unicycle. It lacks a rider tall enough. Big saddle mounted over a v-twin engine above the wheel: No need for handle bars here! Ideas don't come from nowhere. So, some one help me here: There was an underground comic book in the late 1960's with a bearded superhero who fought against a gang of lesbian dyke riders of full dress harley unicycles. What was the name of that comic book? Or was that just a dream?

I have a fascination with wheels.
On cars on motorcycles on bicycles and on unicycles!

Ah, to be one with your wheel. Feet as pedals, Body embracing fender and wheel. Your head like a steering wheel in the wind. You are not enclosed in the cab of a car, but flying at near ground level. Open to the elements, the smell the temperature and the peering eyes of the world.

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