Sunday, September 14, 2008

Show at the Studio Theatre in Wellington, Florida

Hanging Sculpture Art Exhibit : Presumptuous Punim

The “Presumptuous Punim” exhibit features five wall mounted clay heads. These studies in facial features and expression attempt to display attitudes: The “Schrier” cries out loud; “Abashed” is chagrined and self-conscious; “Ingratiate” wants so much to be your friend; “Disgust” reacts as if to a fetid odor or perhaps an offence to his moral sensibilities; and the “Big Macher” - he looks down on them all!

Currently showing at The Studio Theatre of Wellington
11320 Fortune Circle G-7, Wellington, FL, 33414

Medium: Clay

Schrier 7” x 5” $125
Abashed 7” x 5” $125
Ingratiate 7” x 5” $125
Disgust 7” x 4” $125
Big Macher 12” x 12” $225

Artist’s statement:

The most identifying characteristic of a person is the face (or Punim). The shape of the mouth, the way the cheeks, nose, eyebrows and forehead are tweaked, wrinkled, or stretched, tells much. Without a word spoken, we can discern mood and temperament. The face contains the sum total of nature and nurture. It reflects ones ancestors and life experiences. I present five moody faces to ponder.

“Sculptor Robert ben Kline of Briny Breezes, Florida favors figurative clay pieces ranging from 9 inches to 30 inches. He refers to his style as “Dreamism” – figurative story ideas placed in a dream world setting and, often, offering a humorous juxtaposition of people, places and pets.
Most of his sculptures are fashioned with painterly under-glaze and a mix of glossy and flat finishes, and are mounted on his handmade wood bases.”
The Palm Beach Post