Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Robert ben Kline is now a featured artist at the Artisan on the Ave Gallery, 630 Lake Avenue, Lake Worth, Florida

Here are some of the art featured there

 This is my dog, Madison.  He is a dreamer.  He sees himself as more than he is.  Or is it me?   Here he is depicted as a great archaeologist with his tools and ancient discovery and of course, wearing his "Indiana Jones" fedora.  

Babies are a puzzle, so why not tattoo them?  I am told that this relates to autism.

What can we say about this car and it's path?  Well, some people take the wrong path in life.

This doxie wearing a jersey shirt with the number 18, is just plain lucky.  He is my favorite.

Chasid Tantz.  These chasids are dancing with joy.  The large tallis flying along with them.  They belong to an ultra-orthodox Jewish group.  the tallis is a prayer shawl.  This could be on the holiday of Simchas Torah, celebrating the giving of the law.

This girl is just plain silly.  From the mixed up hands to the crossed eyes to the pose, every thing here is mixed up.   

Edward Hopper, famous 2-D artist of the mid 20th century did a painting call the "Hotel."  This is my depiction the that painting but in 3-D in clay.  I tried to make the place seedy, even added a mouse. 

This airplane is a white knuckle ride.  notice the wing tips have fingers.  This is made from cedar and pine.  No clay was harmed in the execution of this work.